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Bring Ideas Alive

We Turn your design ideas into reality. Ability to develop distinctive designs had been our strength and commitment to our client. Our expertise will help craft and materialise your idea into desirable leather pieces.

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Engineering Advise

We provide professional advise on how best to engineer your bag and provide material selection that best fit your design.

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Quality Assurance

We enjoy the advantage of vast knowledge & expertise in leather material and leather crafting that put us In a better position in ensuring product quality

Essential to find a partner that delivers a quality product on time at a cost that allows you to be competitive.

About Us

Our expertise materialise your product ideas

Creating a bag is quite a complex process: from material or leather cutting and stitching to hand finishing, it takes a long time to make sure every detail is perfect. Only the most talented artisans can make leather goods of true quality, and mastering the skills can take a lifetime of dedication to the craft.

Our head artisan has 20 years’ experience, and it takes anything from 15 to 20 years to attain what we call holistic all-round expertise. Vinaastee cultivate a unique attitude to their work – this comes from being raised in a culture of craftsmanship; caring about what you do and do it effectively. This is part of the reason that formulate our core competency

We pay close attention to the peculiarities of the materials we work with, We tap on our expertise to engineer and craft a bag so that when we piece the bag together a consistent natural contour across the final product is ensured.

  • Making accurate paper patterns

  • Understand the characteristic of material helps in maximising the usage percentage when cutting and maintaining the shape of the bag when piecing the bag together.

  • Take significant amount of skill and expertise to apply just the right thickness of paint to bind layers of material together with a smooth and lustre edge paint enhancing the aesthetic of outlook of the bag.

  • Repeat Customer is aways better than a new acquired; We understand your demand, your problem and concern. Cast your your problems, we will handle the rest.

We focus on minimising your detours to attain your objective.

Constructive advise for material usage and engineering of the bag, speed and quality assurance.